My name is Scott Korn and I have 3 passions. The first is photography. I went to school at Germain School of Photography and I currently work as a photographer for various clients. I enjoy photographing images that are visually pleasing as well as informative. I have shown my work in various galleries and have been published in several publications.
     The second passion is exploring places of interest both near and far. I feel that you should know something about the place where you live. My place is New York.
    The Third and newest passion is film and video production. I plan on posting more videos that I make and adding them along with my photography.
      The main goal is to inform people about places I feel are interesting and pair my articles with breath taking imagery and video. I hope you like the result.
      Thank you for clicking on Undiscovered NY, enjoy your visit.

Scott Korn  

Publications:                 Galleries:
Details                          A Different Light, NY
JPG                              Pour House, Brooklyn ,NY
Bay News                    Grass Roots, NJ
Next                             Prudence Design, NY
Bay Windows              LGBT Center, NY
Out                               Art Land, Brooklyn, NY
                                     Jersey City Art Walk, NJ