Monday, August 5, 2013

From Germany With Love

   Who would have thought that you can sit and eat lunch in front of The Berlin Wall right here in New York City? Well you can at 520 Madison Urban Plaza .The Plaza is actually on 53rd Street between 5th Ave. and Madison Ave. A lot of people pass it by not realizing that it actually is ,.indeed; The Berlin Wall.
     Back in 1984, in West Germany Thierry Noir and a hand full of other graffiti artists started panting segments of The Berlin Wall with the idea that it would be transformed into something ridiculous. Within 6 years the colorful cartoons covered nearly 5 kilometers of the wall. This became a mockery of what The Berlin Wall stood for. On November 9, 1989 the wall came down , once again unifying east and west Germany. The paintings became a symbol freedom across Germany and Thierry's wall painting were being auctioned off at nearly 1.5 million euros.
    As colorful as the front of the wall is, the back is blank and cold, a reminder of just how divided East Germany and West Germany once were.You can see the very panels that are in the plaza being painted in the film "Wings of Desire".
  Next time your in Midtown, you
can come to the plaza to enjoy lunch on your way to a museum or shopping and take in a piece of history. If you like world history then this is a must see